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                  Changzhou Enke Bearing Co.,Ltd
                  The GMB of Japanese came to talk over the business relation with NK on June 2006.(2006-07-14) 
                  EnKe Is awarded Star Company by Local Government in July 2006(2006-06-15) 
                  EnKe is awarded the ROSE credit from BV of French in May 2006(2006-05-25) 
                  EnKe is awarded the Best Supplier by ZhongQi Group in Apr 2006(2006-04-25) 
                  The company, TaiWan ZhengFeng sets up business relation with EK on Mat.2006 (2006-03) 
                  EnKe is awarded 2005 Best Supplier by the ZhongShen Group in Jan 2006(2006-01-25) 

                  needle bearing factory

                  Our new plant in WuJin Luxi
                  zone of ChangZhou

                  ADD:Niutang Town ,Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province China
                  CONTACT:Chanle bing
                  The rollers and cage components, the pressed ring needle roller bearing, the needle roller bearing with entity ring, the thrust needle roller bearing, etc. are widely used in the transmission system automobiles and construction machiner .
                  Cylindrical roller bearings are widely used in the transmission supports in automobiles. The taper gear guide of the automobile rear driving axle as well as all kinds of engineering machinery.
                  Various Clutch Bearing (CKS, CKA, CKB, CSK, CKD, HF, HFL, RC, RCB, FC, FCB)

                  Yoke type track rollers
                  Stud type track rollers / Cam Followers

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